The La’s – 25 Years on From One of the UK’s Greatest Ever Debut Albums


La is one of the most eulogized lost treasures in contemporary pop music which was released on October 1, 1990. The La’s ever-evolving lineup would be shaped by maverick Lee Mavers.

The band spent several years in the studio following the release of their most famous track There She Goes, before finally releasing their one and only self-titled album.

Despite the enduring pop genius and critical acclaim, Mavers, disowned the recordings saying that the album was “like a snake with a broken back”.

There She Goes peaked at number 57 on its original release, despite being The La’s most well-known track.

The Mavers revealed in an interview with The Independent that he was not happy with the recordings of the La’s and the reason he gave for this was that the vintage mixing desk didn’t have the right sound.

Timeless Melody was due to be released in 1989 as a single. The La’s core was formed by the John Power, the bass player and singer, who left the band in December 1991 to form mid-90s rock and rollers cast.

The La’s made a guest appearance on the David Letterman Show during their tour of the States in 1991.

Maver claimed in a rare interview with the NME in 1995 that his songs “sounded like a Nazi tank in Egypt” before the addition of “the pool is where we have to be. The Liver-pool. The Mississippi. The Mersey-sippi.”

In 2009 Lee Mavers appeared on stage with The Pete Doherty. The US rock band Pearl Jam covered the La’s single Timeless Melody, while the rare outings were given to b-side Clean Prophet during their comeback tours.

The Liverpool guitarist and songwriter Mike Badger was the co-founder of The La’s.

The La’s have had 23 members during their various incarnations.

In December 1989, The La’s was recorded in London’s Eden Studios with U2 producer Steve Lillywhite.

The last gig of La’s in Liverpool was in September 2011 at the O2 Academy. No new material was played.